White Spinning Flagpole

Product Details

The flagpole is divided into two sections. The first half of the flagpole has bearing devices in it to ensure that the flags will not be wrapped together. Two flagpoles are also easy to pack and transport. The assembly is simple and only requires two threads to match the nut.

The flagpole is made of high quality aluminum alloy, and the surface is treated with white spray, which can ensure that the flagpole will never rust or fade. The metal ball on the top is plated with gold and can be used in all kinds of weather.

The whole set of products are shock-proof packaging, and the golden top ball is protected by bubble film to ensure that the flagpole reaches your hand intact.

For 3*5ft flags, you can also wear flags of any size.

There is also an adjustable base. The base is packed in a separate cardboard box, with no interference from the flagpole and double protection.

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