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Curtain rod

Curtain rods, material with metal and wood mainly for installing curtains, noise reduction, light away from direct sunlight.

Curtain rods, materials, metal and wood. Different materials, styles are different art curtain rods of iron Club heads, with a mass of silk or yarn fabrics, used in the bedroom, rigid contrast contrast: the wood-carved head, giving one a sense of warm and full. Range and match style is not too restrictive, applicable to the various features of the room.

Rising stem: is the pole can be seen color or decorative heads (commonly known as the flower head) style of curtain rods. In modern society, as it is consistent with "light decoration, decoration" trend was welcomed and accepted by more and more families.

Non-rising stem valves instead, often enclosed in curtains, people easily see the pole itself. This method of decoration has become increasingly outdated, is gradually being eliminated by the times.