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Several Common Aluminum Profile Methods

Aluminum Profile manufacturers to produce good products to be packaged, packaging a variety of methods, a few common Aluminum Profile methods are as follows:

normal packaging:

Small bar: about 10 Aluminum Profile a small bar. Aluminum profile are separated and wrapped with kraft paper and pearl cotton to prevent scratching the Aluminum Profile surface.

Big bar: it is estimated that the total volume of a large bar will not exceed 60cmX60cm, Aluminum Profile outside the paper sealed with kraft paper. Each bag of paper weight does not exceed 500kg. Each large bar of Aluminum Profile with kraft paper packaging, and then will be 2-3 with a fixed metal Aluminum Profile, Aluminum Profile more solid.

Labels: There will be a label on the outside of each large package that specifies the location of the product, the name of the bill, the length, the quantity, and the name of the consignee.

Special packaging:

Metal lifting rack: In order to more easily remove the goods, can be built metal lifting rack.

Wooden box packaging: This service is more need to send bulk customers use. In order to avoid the Aluminum Profile during the delivery by other heavy goods crushed, it is recommended to send bulk customers to use wooden box packaging. Among them, some countries with wooden box packaging is required to be fumigation treatment.

Quality and quality coupled with exquisite packaging, Aluminum Profile manufacturers do not worry about the product sales, will only sell better, so both inside and outside the attack will get more user support and love.