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Aluminum Tube And Stainless Steel Tube

Aluminum pipe classification of aluminum tube is a kind of non-ferrous metal tube, because of its corrosion resistance and light weight and other characteristics, has been widely used in our lives, can be described as everywhere. Large to cars, ships, aerospace, small to home, electrical appliances, and so on. In the current market, Xiaobian with your analysis there are several categories: 1, according to the shape can be divided into: square tube, tube, pattern tube, shaped tube; 2, according to extrusion method is divided into: seamless aluminum, Ordinary extrusion tube; 3, according to the precision is divided into: ordinary aluminum tube, precision aluminum tube, which precision aluminum tube generally need to be processed after the extrusion, such as cold drawn fine pumping, rolling; 4, according to the thickness is divided into: Ordinary aluminum tubes, thin-walled aluminum tubes.

Aluminum tube extrusion straightening: straightening is caused by bending aluminum alloy is a very serious part of the aluminum pipe straightening work must pay attention to straighten the intensity used, the power may be too large deformation of the profile, shut the mouth, orange peel, etc. , The power is too small will produce profiles do not straighten the management of aluminum pipe pointed out, resulting in bending.

Aluminum tube in the large material and the tube with the material loading both ends of the box is not easy to cause bending Professor Deng Puchun pointed out that but the small material and flat mold out of the material, lift both ends is very easy to cause bending, aluminum tube how to choose At this time should be from both ends to move closer to the middle of the lifting frame. Aluminum pipe, but some of the profiles even if it is not structural adjustment, ⑥ must be such a material on the already on the profile and then carried to the box.

Aluminum pipe in many places where the water pipes, PVC material plastic pipe is very common. Aluminum pipe and because it is cheap and easy to install, to a large extent replaced the original used galvanized pipe. But many experts have said that in the near future, aluminum will play a more important use, thus replacing the now popular aluminum tube, re-let the pipeline back to the metal age.

The choice of materials in a variety of facilities are from the price and the use of the results of the overall comparison of the final decision, so in recent years, plastic pipe has become a mainstream material. Aluminum tubes Although the aluminum tubes currently used in water pipes still have a higher cost than plastic pipes, the long-term costs can be effectively reduced if the life of the pipes is taken into account. And taking into account the current both the ordinary family or urban planning budget, are fully able to withstand the cost of aluminum, aluminum tube to reduce the late maintenance and replacement of many trouble.