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Aluminum Profile Is Not The Thicker The Better?

People in the daily consumption process, there will be such a consumer concept: the higher the better the price of goods, the more the better, the more the better material, because the more adequate material, the corresponding price will be higher, the quality of the more natural it is good. Do you think so? I am afraid that today after reading this article, to subvert your thoughts.

So, is not for any product can be defined in accordance with this law? In the purchase of Aluminum Profile, Aluminum Profile are mainly determined according to the thickness of the wall thickness, but consumers usually have a misunderstanding: profile wall thickness The thicker the better? Actually it is not.

Many consumers in the purchase of aluminum doors and windows, will take it for granted that the thicker aluminum wall thickness, more than the national standard, the better the product quality, in fact not the case.

Aluminum wall thickness is a national standard. In accordance with GB / T5237 "Aluminum Profile", in addition to pressure bars, glands, gussets and other needs of the elastic assembly of the profile, the smallest nominal wall thickness of construction aluminum should be not less than 1.20mm, of which the thickness of the solid profile wall thickness of 0.15 mm, that is, the wall thickness shall not be less than 1.05mm; with hollow cavity of the hollow cavity part of the wall thickness tolerance of 0.23mm, that wall thickness shall not be less than 0.97mm.

According to the aluminum manufacturers of technical personnel, product wall thickness of the national standard is to protect product safety and performance standards, in accordance with the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection, not the thicker the product wall thickness, the better the product quality.

Because too thick profile wall thickness, and can not guarantee the product of air tightness, water tightness is like, the product quality is high, on the contrary will bring excessive waste of resources. And too thick product supplies than the GB-compliant products, will bring too high product prices, to consumers with unnecessary economic burden. So meet the national standards of Aluminum Profile can be called a good product.