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Aluminum Profile Oxide Post - Oxidation Process

Aluminum Profile surface after oxidation, the appearance is very beautiful, assembled into products, the use of special aluminum accessories, no welding, more environmentally friendly, and installation, removal, carrying, moving very convenient.

Aluminum Profile post-oxidation process should pay attention to the four points:

(1) hot water rinse. Hot water wash is aimed at aging the film. But the water temperature and time to strictly control the water temperature is too high film thinning, the color fades. Aluminum Profile processing time is too long will appear similar problems, the appropriate temperature and time is: temperature 40 ~ 50 ℃ time 0.5 ~ 1MIN.

(2) dry. Dry to dry naturally as well, by hot water washed barley of the workpiece oblique hanging on the shelf, so that the surface of the free water to the vertical direction down the flow. Flow to the lower corner of the water droplets with a towel to absorb, according to this method to dry the film color is not affected, it is natural.

(3) aging. Aluminum Profile method can be determined according to climatic conditions, with daylight in the sun can be exposed to sunlight, rainy days or winter can be oven baking, the process conditions are: temperature 40 ~ 50 ℃ time 10 ~ 15min.

(4) rework of unqualified pieces. Unqualified conductive oxide film should be in the dry, aging process before picking out, due to dry, aging film is more difficult to recover and will affect the surface roughness of the workpiece. The author of the problem in the process of a number of exploration, a variety of methods of testing and found that the use of the following methods work well, the method is simple, without affecting the workpiece surface quality, the specific process is as follows. First, the unqualified workpiece in the aluminum anodizing fixture, and then in the sulfuric acid solution in the anodic oxidation method for anodic treatment 2 ~ 3min, to be loose layer, shedding, and then by a little alkaline cleaning and nitric acid After the light can be re-conductive anodizing.