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Aluminum Tube Is A Relatively High Utilization Of Pipeline Materials

Aluminum tube is a relatively high utilization of pipeline materials. Wide range of applications. But the main purpose of Aluminum tube is used as a means of transport are all know, aluminum tube in the construction field which are the use? There are many ways to transport, from ordinary land transport, maritime transport, and then to air transport, and now China, there are many ways to transport, but if you talk about the most cheap, but also the most safe and secure way of fortune, many people may first Will think of still piping, compared to other modes of transport, pipeline transportation is indeed a very convenient, but also very cheap way of transport, can help me reduce production costs, while the amount of benefits will be further improved. Aluminum tube in the field of construction, not as a major construction materials, but as a fluid transport pipeline, this transport pipeline is generally buried in the ground that is, this type of aluminum tube Pipes are often used as sewers for the bottom of a building.

Introduction of Heat Treatment of Aluminum Tube

First, the chain of symbols: If the alloy is not enough to fully meet the requirements, still need to rely on cold processing, quenching water, aging

Processing and soft burning and other treatment, in order to obtain the required strength and performance. These processes are called

For the quenched and tempered, quenched and tempered result is the degree of chain.

Definition of chain degree symbol

F manufacturing state of the chain

No finished chain under the manufacture of finished products, such as extrusion, hot rolling, forging and so on.

H112 does not deliberately control the degree of work hardening of the finished product, but must ensure that the mechanical properties.

O soft burned degree

Completely recrystallized and the softest state. If the heat treatment alloy, it must be slow cooling from the soft burning temperature, completely prevent the quenching effect.

H hardening of the chain

H1n: cold working and hardening

H2n: After hardening and then applied to the appropriate soft burning treatment

H3n: after hardening and then applied to the stability of treatment

n The degree of work hardening is indicated by a number of 1 to 9

n = 2 represents 1/4 hard