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The Development Trend And Forecast Of China's Precision Aluminum Alloy Structure Industry In 2018.

Precision metal structure manufacturing is an advanced precision metal component forming technology. It refers to the use of heat, force, molecular motion and other means to make liquid or semi liquid metal or metal alloy fill the mold cavity at a high speed under the action of force, and to form and solidify metal structure, then through post-processing and number. Precision manufacturing technology can make the product size, shape and performance meet the requirements of precision manufacturing technology.

In general, the precision of the precision aluminum alloy structural parts is 1 wire (1 =0.01 mm), the surface roughness of the product (Ra) is less than 1.6 microns, and the tolerance of the product is within 0.1 mm /300 mm. The main processing methods are precision casting (pressure casting, gravity casting, low pressure casting, etc.), precision, precision. Cutting (including turning, milling, boring), precision grinding, abrasive belt polishing, precision polishing, EDM, EDM and so on.

Analysis of industry development factors

1, policy factors

With the development of China's fine industry and the improvement of manufacturing technology, the precision requirement of downstream manufacturing for aluminum alloys is gradually improving. In 2016, the development plan of non-ferrous metal industry (2016-2020) issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology put forward the main objectives and direction of the development of non-ferrous metal industry in China. As an important part of the non-ferrous metal industry, the aluminum industry must depend on the development of the main line of the industry.

2, environmental factors

The development of industry in the world has promoted the development and reform of the economy, but the development of the industry is not enough for the utilization of resources and the threat to environmental pollution and destruction. The development of the precision aluminum alloy industry can greatly improve the processing and utilization of aluminum alloy and reduce the wave of rare aluminum resources. At the same time, the development of deep processing industry has obviously reduced the industrial pollution to the environment.

3, technical factors

The production technology level of domestic nonferrous metals industry is rising. The high speed development and technological innovation of the downstream industry have enhanced the precision and standardization of precision aluminum alloy die casting technology, which has promoted the innovation and development of the industry.

4, demand factors

The fast developing industries such as the downstream automobile industry, communication industry, aviation equipment, high-speed locomotive, electrical equipment and mechanical and electrical equipment are all clear demand suppliers for precision aluminum alloy products. At present, China's domestic aluminum products, low and middle grade products are overproduced, and high grade products with high technology and high added value are short of high grade products. Unable to meet the modernization of national defense and the rapid and sustained development of the national economy, it is necessary to import a large amount of foreign exchange, such as high performance large pretension plate, special sheet for tank making, high grade CTP base and advanced decorative board, mirror panel, airplane skin plate, high voltage capacitor foil, automobile body aluminum plate, large special profile, and large precision die forging. Parts and high-grade forging wheels, pistons and so on. The downstream industry's clear market demand has promoted the development of the industry.

Forecast of industry development trend

1. Application trend analysis

With the development of China's domestic economy and the specialization and differentiation of the manufacturing industry, the manufacturing products of precision aluminum alloy are gradually applied to the automotive industry, high-speed locomotive and communication industry. In the future, more and more downstream industries begin to use the precision aluminum alloy structure as the important material of its products. The transformation of the downstream industry will broaden the application scope of the precision aluminum alloy manufacturing industry.

2, product trend analysis

Precision aluminum alloy structure manufacturing industry has entered a high-speed development stage. The products produced by industry are increasing and applied more and more widely. Under the promotion of downstream industry needs, precision aluminum alloy structure manufacturing products are mainly applied to the trend.

3. Analysis of the trend of competition

With the deepening of the application of aluminum alloy structural materials in the downstream industry and the expansion of its application range, the scale and quantity of enterprises in the industry are increasing, but the production capacity and market concentration are low, and the market is in a state of complete competition. With the increasing concentration of the downstream manufacturers (communication and automobile, etc.), the enterprises that focus on the service of the large downstream enterprises will also show a trend of scale operation.

4. The general trend of the market

As more and more downstream industries begin to use precision aluminum alloy structure as an important material for its products, industry enterprises with large scale of production, advanced manufacturing technology and professional manufacturing capacity will become the main pillar of future industry growth. In the future, the future is driven by the development of the downstream industry and the next generation of manufacturing industry. Internal enterprises will be more specialized and scale

Forecast of industry development prospect

According to the data of the forecast of market demand and the analysis of investment strategic planning in the manufacturing industry of precision aluminum alloy, the demand for precision aluminum alloy structures in every field of our country in 2011 is 2 million 400 thousand tons, and the demand for precision aluminum alloy junction components in every field of our country in 2016 is 4 million 460 thousand tons, and the annual growth rate is combined. Up to 13.19%. Overall, the market scale of China's precision aluminum alloy structure manufacturing industry will exceed 5 million tons in 2022.