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Brief Description Of The Aluminum Alloy Extrusion Process Requirements

Some details of the Aluminum Tube alloy extrusion temperature program are as follows:

1, the process requirements details:

Usually the extrusion of Aluminum Tube alloy pipe production, the maximum output is mainly determined by the extrusion speed, and the quality of profiles depends on the profile mold temperature. With the speed of extrusion, the mold mold temperature will be significantly increased, when the temperature exceeds a certain value, the alloy aluminum tube structure and surface quality will appear a variety of topics, for which the Aluminum Tube export temperature must be monitored at any time , Testing, to ensure that the extrusion yield and the best quality matching profiles.

2, the instrument introduced details:

Temperature detection is divided into contact and non-contact two categories. In the extrusion of Aluminum Tube alloy extrusion, the usual practice is to use fast thermocouple contact to detect the temperature of Aluminum Tube, and extrusion process has been moving, the detection components must be with the profile movement, can not maintain on-line monitoring, and detection Man-made manipulation of different methods, profiles immediately after the mold cooling, resulting in detection of temperature detection deviation is very difficult, so it is difficult to get the correct temperature and speed the best match.