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China 's Aluminum Profile Processing Industry Situation

Industrial aluminum surface after oxidation, the appearance is very beautiful, assembled into a product, the use of special aluminum parts, no welding, more environmentally friendly, and installation, removal, carrying, moving very convenient.

In recent years, the industrial aluminum industry in China aluminum industry closely in line with the needs of the market and scientific development, the traditional Aluminum Profile processing materials have been gradually completed the transformation of modern Aluminum Profile processing materials, so China's Aluminum Profile processing varieties have undergone tremendous changes. Product quality has improved steadily, the product standard level has been in the international advanced ranks, the major aluminum manufacturers in addition to production according to national standards, can directly accept the requirements of the world's advanced national standards. This shows that China's aluminum production has been further international production, but also to meet the national economy and science and technology on the high demand for high-precision aluminum, the major Aluminum Profile processing enterprises have developed a number of internal supply technology standards. China's Aluminum Profile processing materials is an important feature of high-performance, high precision, energy saving, environmental protection direction, many Aluminum Profile products have become well-known brands at home and abroad, in the domestic and international market reputation.

Division I with its professional services, excellent technical strength, improve the operating procedures, adequate Aluminum Profile products inventory, has won the trust of many customers at home and abroad and is always the customer in the industrial assembly of the preferred supplier of products. The following five series of products: industrial assembly system --- flexible and flexible aluminum frame and its accessories; aluminum conveyor - belt conveyor, roller conveyor, chain conveyor, pallet conveyor, Such as platform, console, workstation, etc .; protection system --- industrial fence, equipment, protective cover, etc .; industrial step and take the system --- commonly used in the machine escalator and equipment Cross-bridge, maintenance platform, handrail fence and so on. These systems have become more mature, to achieve a modular, standardized target requirements, can be composed of a complete industrial automation production system.

Our research and development team of Aluminum Profile to improve the design, improve the Aluminum Profile technology, combined with European and American aluminum product design concepts and the practical application of the domestic situation, so that industrial Aluminum Profile to adapt to changes in the city and customer needs. Adhering to the times, pioneering and innovative spirit, and always strive to improve product quality, establish a brand image, to provide customers with the highest cost-effective products.