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Industrial Aluminum Profile Ushered In The Development Of Sound And Fast

National Development and Reform Commission to speed up industrial restructuring, promote the sustained and healthy development of Aluminum Profile, strengthen environmental protection, comprehensive utilization of resources to ensure the safety of workers to further improve the access threshold to regulate the industrial Aluminum Profile investment behavior, to stop blind investment, As well as to promote the realization of energy-saving emission reduction targets, announced in the form of the publication of the "industrial Aluminum Profile access conditions" (hereinafter referred to as "access conditions"). "Access conditions" published and carefully implemented, will undoubtedly be the development of China's industrial aluminum to play a positive role in promoting and promote a series of quantitative indicators, which shows that China's Aluminum Profile has entered a new development Era, entered a quantitative control stage, industrial Aluminum Profile ushered in a new and sound development stage.

"Access conditions" to "quantity" as the standard to enter the industry: the use of domestic bauxite resources, the scale of alumina project must be the annual production capacity of 800,000 tons and above, the use of imported bauxite alumina project start scale Must be the annual production capacity of 600,000 tons and above; new production capacity of the electrolytic aluminum project must be approved by the State Council department in charge of investment, the recent approval of environmental protection projects and national planning to eliminate backward production capacity replacement project; new scale of recycled aluminum project Must be more than 50,000 tons / year, the existing renewable aluminum production capacity of more than 20,000 tons / year, alteration, expansion of the scale of renewable projects must be 30,000 tons / year or more.

Comprehensive aluminum processing projects should be large and medium-sized projects suitable for special varieties of integrated aluminum processing project production must reach 100,000 tons / year, not necessarily exact. And a single variety of project production capacity should be: plate and strip 50,000 tons / year, 30,000 tons of foil / year, squeeze 50,000 tons / year or more, it is worth exploring. This general quantification, not necessarily meet the actual situation, not necessarily meet the appropriate size of different varieties of aluminum, not necessarily in line with the current national conditions. We may wish to come to a rough discussion. Comprehensive aluminum processing projects must be on the scale, that is greater, but a single variety of aluminum new projects on the scale of course is a good thing, is our subjective hope, but there are many industrial aluminum market is limited, so big The scale is necessary? Obviously, should be different for different products to meet the actual situation in line with the size of the market project.

After 50 years of development, China's Aluminum Profile has made great achievements, as a large Aluminum Profile, the original level of Aluminum Profile as a whole has been on the international level, after the development is certainly getting better and better.