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New Method For Surface Treatment Of Aluminum Tube Alloy

Alloy aluminum tube surface treatment of the new method is the alloy aluminum tube laser irradiation and silicon infiltration, so that the surface strength and corrosion resistance increased, and then to the alloy aluminum tube coloring. First, the laser tube with a wavelength of 248mm was placed on the alloy aluminum tube in the silane gas to carry out repeated short pulse irradiation, and then the surface of the whole alloy aluminum tube was scanned and siliconized by an optical instrument. As a result of pulsed laser irradiation and silicon infiltration into the role of stainless steel, alloy aluminum tube surface will produce a layer of 50 microns thick film. Finally, the deposited film was subjected to 50 Hz pulsed laser irradiation, and the purpose was to promote the deposition of the deposited film with the silicon in the steel. In this way, not only the accumulation of film will not peel off, separation, alloy aluminum surface hardness is also greatly improved. The aluminum alloy thus treated was subjected to an etching test for 8 hours with a 40% hydrochloric acid solution, and the corrosion resistance was good. As for the coloring problem, only the alloy aluminum tube were different degrees of pulse laser irradiation, the surface will be on the golden yellow, red and blue and other colors. Alloy aluminum tube surface high temperature heat treatment of atmospheric corrosion mechanism of the study of alloy aluminum alloy with high strength, weldability, corrosion resistance, ease of processing and surface gloss and many other excellent features, aerospace, chemical, automotive, instrumentation, energy And architectural decoration and other aspects of a wide range of important applications.

With the rapid development of space and aviation industry, alloy aluminum tube material to the functional and specific direction, the emergence of super alloy aluminum tube [1] and meet a variety of special performance requirements of the functional alloy aluminum [2,3 The high temperature solution treatment can improve the high temperature oxidation resistance and high temperature tensile strength of the alloy aluminum tube. At present, the alloy aluminum alloy material used in the aeroengine is subjected to solid solution treatment at 1000 ℃ or more, resulting in a thicker surface Containing a large amount of NiOCrOCr2O3, and very difficult to dissolve the FeOCr2O3 oxide [4] in time to remove the alloy aluminum pipe workpiece scale, the smooth process for the next step and to prevent corrosion of the workpiece surface, to extend the useful life of parts is important. Alloy aluminum oxide oxide in the structure of diverse, different performance, and the organization is dense and tough, and the matrix is very strong combination, making these difficult to clean the scale.

In recent years, there have been more rapid removal of the surface of the aluminum alloy surface oxide scale, such as room temperature pickling method [5], electrolysis [6], electrolysis - mechanical friction compound method [7], these methods are Is based on H2SO4HClHNO3 and other strong acid, the removal of the scale is the use of the process or less than 800 ℃ heat treatment conditions, not suitable for thick oxygen ... ... This paper a total of alloy aluminum surface treatment of new aluminum alloy surface treatment of new methods Japan has developed a new method of treating aluminum alloy surface.