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Quality Factors Of Aluminum Tube

Electrolytic aluminum industry are faced with a large pre-baked 6063 aluminum tube electrolyzer production of high cost of aluminum, aluminum ingot market price lower plight. Improve the quality of primary aluminum production is one of the effective measures to get rid of this dilemma. This article describes the grade of raw aluminum quality standards, is a rich in the crustal elements, in the proven crustal elements, aluminum elements accounted for about 8% of the total element, in all known elements ranked No. Three. In the natural form of aluminum in the form of compounds exist, there is no detection of any free state of aluminum. 70kA side of the self-baking aluminum electrolytic cell in the purification of the main material for the production of raw materials in the case of the impact of the quality of the original aluminum and the quality of the original 6063 to improve the quality of the measures taken 330KA large prebaked aluminum electrolytic aluminum Quality of the influencing factors, and put forward some methods to improve the quality of aluminum electrolytic aluminum to promote electrolytic aluminum smelting process technology.

Aluminum alloy 6063 aluminum tube plunger inlaid austenitic cast iron ring is one of the best way to strengthen the piston ring groove, can greatly improve the piston life, but also to the piston manufacturing increased the difficulty. From the aluminizing process, focusing on how to enhance the strength of iron and aluminum from the starting point on the infiltration of aluminum liquid composition, cast iron wear ring surface quality, aluminizing temperature, infiltration time and the operation process and methods of analysis and other aspects of experimental research, The reasonable aluminizing process parameters are obtained, the quality of aluminizing is improved, the bonding strength between iron and aluminum is enhanced, and the service life of piston is prolonged greatly.