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Research Status Of Seamless Aluminum Tube Manufacturing Technology

The effects of chemical composition and heat treatment on the mechanical properties of 6061 T6 seamless aluminum tube were studied. The results showed that reasonable adjustment of Mg, Si and Ti contents could be used to determine the reasonable heat treatment process, which could meet Rm 190 ~ 240MPa and Rp0. 2 ≥ 150MPa, A ≥ 18% of the user requirements. The other is the use of advanced body manufacturing processes, such as thermoforming, laser welding, hydraulic forming and so on.

Several kinds of seamless Aluminum Tube extrusion technology, the use of theoretical analysis, numerical simulation and experimental study of the combination of large-scale seamless Aluminum Tube fixed pin extrusion process were studied. The stress of the piercing needle is analyzed, the mechanical formula of the punching force is established, and the pressure variation formula of the perforated cylinder system is obtained. This paper mainly introduces the application of lightweight materials and advanced manufacturing technology in automobile light weight, discusses the inevitability of the birth of wisdom, gives the definition of wisdom manufacturing, puts forward a kind of intelligent manufacturing system structure, analyzes the wisdom manufacturing and Cloud manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing and other manufacturing models, put forward the maturity model for service manufacturing Overview of the field of lightweight new materials, new technology, the latest research progress, summed up the current domestic and foreign research hot and difficult issues.

The numerical simulation of the squeezing process of the fixed Aluminum Tube was carried out by using the finite element numerical simulation method, and the change rule of the punching and stroke curve of the perforated needle during the extrusion process of the seamless Aluminum Tube was revealed. Technical route of seamless Aluminum Tube fixed pin extrusion process. Based on the current research status, the future development trend of lightweight vehicle technology is put forward.