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Social Benefit Analysis Of Thin - Wall Aluminum Profile Workshop

Social Benefit Analysis of Automated Warehouse

(1) automated three-dimensional warehouse covers an area of small, high space utilization

At present, China has a total of more than 900 Aluminum Profile enterprises, if about one-tenth of the manufacturers use such a warehouse, then: only land can reduce the cost = (20000-30000) x100 = 200-300 million m2, Investment = (20000-30000m2) x1400 yuan / m2x100 = 28-42 billion yuan.

(2) energy-saving emission reduction effect is remarkable. Roadway stacker running motor power ≤ 10kw, only one-fourth of the same type of motor power, saving power 30Kw. There are seven stacking machines in this three-dimensional warehouse, such as an average of 12 hours a day for each stacker, 0.997kg per kilowatt-hour reduction of carbon dioxide emissions: reduced C02 emissions = 7 (xw) x30 (kw) x12 (kw) H) x365 (d) x 0.997 (kgC02 / kw.h) = 917 t / year.

This shows that the automated warehouse is not only for us to save the cost but also improve the efficiency.

Long straight rod type of Aluminum Profile automatic warehouse research and development of successful applications for the first time to achieve a real sense of the Aluminum Profile into the library automation, warehousing three-dimensional, seamless handling of warehousing, warehousing account management intelligent, inventory information sharing network The

As the long vertical rod type of Aluminum Profile automatic warehouse is the use of computer, automatic control, network, information, communications, laser, infrared and other modern technology integration and mutual penetration, the organic combination of intelligent logistics access system. The system has the characteristics of high land use efficiency, high efficiency of warehousing, high level of warehousing, unreasonable warehousing, intelligent inventory management, inventory sharing, energy saving, low employment and low labor cost. Technology, economic and social benefits. To fill the gaps in the domestic Aluminum Profile industry, with the international advanced level.