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Squeeze The Residual Air Inside The Stitched Aluminum Profile

Aluminum Profile extrusion presses will be in the Aluminum Profile inside the residual air, resulting in Aluminum Profile and internal appearance of the bubble, there can not be completely resolved defects, making the Aluminum Profile into a waste. In order to prevent air from entering the Aluminum Profile, be sure to find out why the air was brought in. The main factors that keep the air inside the extruded aluminum profile include:

Long rod thermal shear leads to air residue

For the long rod thermal shear when the formation of the shear surface is absolutely not perfect, vertical industrial Aluminum Profilesimple bar long thermal shear will make the bar bending is very serious, resulting in aluminum oval cross-section As well as being cut a very large rounded corner. Even the latest type of long rod thermal cut, the edge of the edge of the shear bar will always produce rounds, these rounds is the best place for air residue.

Upsetting causes air to remain

Only when the diameter of the cylinder containing the ingot is larger than the diameter of the bar. The sticks are enough to be placed in the barrel of the Aluminum Profile ingot. Apply pressure to the column bar containing the Aluminum Profile ingot to cause the rod to be expanded to the diameter of the riser barrel. Be sure to discharge the gas carried in it. The gas does not come in, and remains in the aluminum ingot.

The air is left due to the connection of the two Aluminum Profile rods

Because the two short column bar surface is basically flat to carry into the air the probability is very small. The quality of the sawing directly interferes with the amount of air carried between the two short rods. Currently has a high-tech to prevent the two short rods connected. To eliminate the possibility of air entry.