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Surface Grinding Small Diameter Solid Aluminum Tube Advanced Approach

Tube tube perforation end of the center of the center and then sent to the heating furnace perforation perforation perforation machine at the same time from time to time rotation and travel, the role of the roll and the head, the tube gradually formed within the cavity called the capillary, and then sent to the automatic rolling mill to continue rolling The final by the whole machine are the whole wall thickness, the sizing machine to achieve the size of the request, the application of continuous rolling mill unit consumption of hot-rolled small-diameter aluminum tube is more advanced approach, Dalian steel plant aluminum surface grinding platform Disposal platform Dalian steel plant aluminum tube inside and outside the folding defects; low yield and so on.

In particular, when consumption of 6m ruler tube, aluminum tube small diameter 2205 aluminum tube - thin wall 2205 tube - thick wall 2205 aluminum tube according to the word class can be said that the small diameter aluminum tube. Small diameter 2205 aluminum tube solid tube by checking and eliminating the appearance of defects required to cut the length. Dalian steel mill with a LG-80 cold-rolled pipe cold-rolled small 57 fire 3 ~ 4mm stainless steel tube of the original process: tube bark skin (small ssmm small somm a small 10omm unit perforation, hot handsome 75x5.5 a 6.smm ~ LG-50 cold-rolled pipe machine cold-rolled waste (small 573 a 4mm The main drawback of this process is: hot perforated pipe wall thickness average difference; hot-rolled capillary head oval. , The original process to stop the change.Through the practice of consumer certification, the improved process of comprehensive effect is better .A two [Bu Guangdong, etc.) 2] 0% where A turning tube bulb material D pipe diameter △ D The weight of the tube can be seen from the relationship, △ D is the same, D and A is proportional to the relationship, see Figure. For the sake of comparison, lists the small 100mm unit commonly used tube D value corresponding to the A value, _ see table.

It can be seen that the higher the D value, the higher the A value.

 Surface grinding If you want to get smaller and better quality of small diameter aluminum tube, cold-drawn cold drawn or the combination of the two must be cold-rolled way is usually stopped in the two-roll mill, small diameter aluminum tube in the variable cross-section round hole Troughs and non-moving tapered heads. Cold rolling is usually stopped on a single chain or double chain type drawing machine. The heated tube is placed in a closed extruded cylinder The inner punching rod moves with the squeeze bar so that the extruder is extruded from the smaller die hole, which consumes a smaller diameter aluminum tube. Small-caliber aluminum tube can also be divided into: seamless small-caliber aluminum tubes and straight seam (also known as welding) small-caliber aluminum tube, ordinary aluminum tube in the outer diameter of 89 can be collectively referred to as small-caliber aluminum tube by consumption Different ways can be divided into hot-rolled tube cold-rolled tube cold-drawn tube extrusion pipe, hot-rolled seamless pipe in the automatic rolling pipe unit consumption.