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The New Environmental Requirements Of Aluminum Tube Hard Oxidation Length Processing

The environmental protection requirements under the new environmental requirements of the aluminum industry in the face of a simple analysis, and introduced the country's environmental requirements, and in the new requirements of the aluminum industry under the environmental risks and the corresponding control methods, can cause the relevant departments Aluminum industry, the current environmental risk attention and research, and the practice of some constructive recommendations. Aluminum Tube straightness where to adjust the straightness of Aluminum Tube where the adjustment processing, oval precision machining, hard oxidation length processing, cylinder tube aluminum tube processing, adjust the oval open mold processing non-standard GB can be processed, Aluminum Tube straightness Comparison of Straightness Adjustment Device for Large Length Benchmarks, Development of Aluminum Industry in Guangdong Province and Guangdong Province. By the scale fixture, the benchmark line adjustment device and the laser displacement sensor composed of three parts;

Wherein the left and right L blocks are arranged on both sides of the fixing frame on the scale fixing device, the left and right L blocks are respectively provided with the scale shaft, and the adjusting device is fixed at the end of the scale; The base of the fixed rail is fixed in the small groove of the left side of the holder, and the end is wound around the ratchet pawl of the tightening device; the side of the fixed rail of the reference rail adjustment device is connected with a rail fixed block, the left reference rail and the right reference rail The long rail is fixed on a long reference rail, and the long rail is mounted with a rail adjustment block every 100 mm to 300 mm. Correspondingly, the rails are fixed on the fixed frame, and the rail adjustment block and the rail fixing block Through the screw connection and set aside about 2mm gap, the pitch can be adjusted by screws; 6061 aluminum tube fixed frame sliding connection with laser displacement sensor. Aluminum tube straightness of its low-cost, high precision, reliable, easy to operate and suitable for the workshop on-site conditions of complex conditions on the large length of the reference line (length 8m-13m straightness adjustment of the mechanical device, Size of the thin-wall workpiece straightness detection and alignment provides an effective benchmark for machine tool level adjustment and geometric precision detection has a close relationship with each other.Discussion of the use of precision level on the CNC lathe level adjustment process, detailed description of coarse and The precision of the CNC lathe is completed, and the geometric precision of the CNC lathe is completed. The method of straightness detection, error calculation and data analysis of the longitudinal guide in the vertical plane is mainly discussed. The design and design of the pipe Characteristics, as well as the three kinds of structure used in the form of alumina plant pipe mesh support - reinforced concrete support, steel bracket, mixed support structure, respectively, from its structural characteristics, the impact of the construction project comprehensive analysis, and large span steel pipe support The design features and structure of a brief introduction.