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Variable Speed Extrusion Alloy Aluminum Tube Wear Better

Speed squeeze the dirt washed away 4. Check the board surface, for the place where there is no clean with detergent focus on cleaning 5. Rinse the board with water. Note: Do not clean the high temperature of the board, need to pay attention to the use of high-quality detergent! Do not use other properties of the washing agent, such as strong acid detergent, abrasive detergent and paint soluble detergent. 

To the Aluminum Tube alloy as the object of study, the maintenance and maintenance of Aluminum Tube alloy and cleaning methods 1. Rinse the various parts of the water with the use of soaked with water diluted detergent soft cloth gently wipe the board surface 3. And then wash the board with water.

The finite element model of the thermo-mechanical coupling temperature field considering the heat conduction, convective heat transfer, friction heat generation and plastic work is established.Using MSC.Marc finite element analysis software, the rigid-plastic finite element method and the plane axis The relationship between the outlet temperature and the extrusion stroke at different speeds is given by numerical simulation of the constant velocity extrusion and variable speed extrusion of the alloy Aluminum Tube.

Through the numerical simulation of the constant velocity extrusion, the extrusion process In the temperature rise, for a given temperature and the export of the extrusion temperature of the extrusion process, providing the choice of Aluminum Tube extrusion speed basis for variable speed extrusion simulation shows that by establishing a reasonable extrusion speed specification, the same Can be achieved by isothermal extrusion.The results of the simulation can be used to optimize the bar extrusion process parameters, which can improve production efficiency.